Elaboration of BORDA’s IWRM Approach with a Focus on Small South Asian Towns

Terms of Reference

Description of the Project

The Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association (BORDA e.V.) is an expert NGO specialising in sanitation. For over 40 years, our award-winning solutions have been empowering people and setting new standards in 25+ countries.

The BORDA South Asia programme’s core activities are mainly financed by the BMZ, EU and BMGF. One of the important on-going projects is titled “Promotion of integrated urban water management at the core of municipal public services” is financed by BMZ. This project envisages the development of an integrated urban water management program that aims at generating holistic solutions, at the city/town level, by putting the focus on water at the centre of planning and implementing municipal public services. The key target countries for implementation have been India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Description of the Mandate

The purpose of this consultancy mandate is to investigate BORDA’s IWRM (Integrated Water Resource Management) approach and customize the same with a focus on small South Asian towns (less than 100,000 population).

Goal: Development of max 2.5d workshop modules for relevant municipal stakeholders of small towns.

Scope & Objectives

The scope of work comprises the development of the workshop structure, presentations, practical learning modules and participatory elements for participants, under the framework of IWRM/RBM (River Basin Management). Providing a practical learning ground, the vision arena in order to kick-off interaction between various stakeholders towards small town IWRM/RBM, contextualized to BORDAs approach, shall be strengthened.

BORDA’s vision regarding the progressive implementation of basic need services remains at the core of the small town IWRM approach. Therefore, a clear definition and understanding what IWRM means for BORDA’s work on the ground using the UN’s principle of progressive implementation as key element, is required.

Objectives of the workshop and integrated IWRM/RBM modules are to

  • equip participants with basic knowledge on IWRM/RBM principles, best practice and tools for implementation and by this,
  • enable Participants to assess the IWRM status of their towns using the newly acquired knowledge and skills

Specifically, to

  • enable participants for joint problem identification
  • identify and jointly formulate a vision under the IWRM scheme
  • carry out Gap-Analysis and enable participants for joint identification of current barriers towards achieving identified vision and IWRM
  • enable participants to jointly identify and plan action for possible ways forward, while using suitable IWRM assessment tools
  • summarize outputs which contribute to the definition of BORDAs Portfolio on IWRM

Key Tasks

  1. Desktop study on BORDA's own IWRM modules (provided by BORDA and its partners, his/her own networks, and through scientific literature on IWRM/RBM)
  2. Interviews and round table consultations with regional Team and relevant municipal stakeholders to further specify BORDA’s IWRM for small towns
  3. Elaboration of workshop material including ppt and participatory exercises
  4. Sharpen the definition of BORDA's portfolio on IWRM

Qualifications of the Consultant

It is required that the mandate will be undertaken by an expert with:

  • proven academic and professional experience in the fields of IWRM, urban water and sanitation, waste management, urban development
  • professional experience with the implementation of urban water and sanitation infrastructure in developing countries
  • professional experience with the development or implementation of institutional management structures for urban water and sanitation infrastructure in developing / transition countries desirable
  • professional experience with advisory services in South Asia
  • strong capacities in stakeholder engagement, coordination and participative planning
  • familiarity with current trends in urban water and sanitation and linkages to Agenda 2030/SDGs and climate change
  • oral and written fluency in English.


The total available time budget for the proposed assignment is estimated at a maximum of 30 days over the period September to November 2020.

Expected Deliverables & Timeline

  • Project Start — 01.09.2020
  • Desk study: Identify and evaluate BORDA’s existing IWRM modules — 15.09.2020
  • Conduct interviews with BORDA staff and round table meetings with relevant municipal stakeholders to investigate needs for tailormade IWRM modules — 15.10.2020
  • Submit draft workshop outline and ppts for review — 10.11.2020
  • Submit final workshop outline, related ppts and summary activity report — 30.11.2020

Application Procedure

Based on this ToR, interested consultants must provide the following documents:

  • proposal including work programme and budget (max 5 pages)
  • an updated CV showing compliance with the required qualifications

Deadline for application: Friday 28th of August 2020

Contact and Programme Administration

The contract will be administered by BORDA. Interested parties should send applications to Mr. Alex Wolf, Regional Coordinator, South Asia.

Email: (cc: )

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