Updates from South Asia

18 November 2020

Overcoming Himalayan Challenges

BORDA South Asia has proposed the initiation of a pilot project to provide 24*7 water supply in Leh, part of an approach to overcome challenges that are common to the Himalayan regions such as high altitude, frigid temperatures, landslides and […]
22 August 2019

Nature-based solutions for waterbody rejuvenation: a perspective on holistic & sustainable approaches

Building on its legacy of decentralized wastewater treatment solutions, BORDA partner CDD Society is developing nature-based solutions for rejuvenating waterbodies – available in a new knowledge document “Approach to Waterbody Rejuvenation – A Perspective” (July 2019)
25 February 2019

A municipal perspective on FSM in Devanahalli, India

In a February 2019 interview, Mr. M. Murthy, President of Devanahalli Town Municipal Corporation talked about the changes brought about by the town’s faecal sludge treatment plant (FSTP), its social acceptance and the outlook for future operations
26 July 2018

Exposure: Officials from Leh, India visit the 9th World Urban Forum in Malaysia

BORDA organised a visit for nine Leh government officials to Malaysia from 3-11 Feb 2018, providing them with exposure to best practices that can be applied in Leh to make the city a better place to live
26 May 2018

BORDA and LEDeG are partnering for a liveable and resilient Indian city in the Himalayas

BORDA will support the Indian city of Leh in achieving its Vision 2025 to create a more environmentally friendly, resilient and sustainable urban space
4 December 2017

From Devanahalli to Leh, India: BORDA brings faecal sludge management (FSM) to a high and dry Himalayan town

The Bremen-based international company HANSA-FLEX selected the Leh FSM project for their 2017 Christmas donor initiative. The new system, implemented at 12,000 feet via an innovative public-private partnership, shows that successful FSM is possible even in very challenging conditions.

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