project posts for India

25 July 2018

The nexus of food production and sanitation in poor peri-urban regions in India

One World – No Hunger: investigating, consulting, training & piloting initiatives that link sanitation, nutrition and agriculture
26 July 2018

Poverty alleviation and sustainable protection of natural resources in South Asia (phase V)

Protecting local water resources & improving public health through safe sanitation facilities & reusable treatment by-products
26 July 2018

Securing Water for Food (SWFF) in India: greywater treatment in villages of Ketti Valley, Tamil Nadu for reuse in agriculture

In collaboration with WASTE Netherlands and RDO Coonoor, BORDA is contributing to the USAID SWFF initiative through a project to supply irrigation water to small vegetable farmers, bringing scaleable innovations at the water-food nexus
26 July 2018

Small-Scale Sanitation Scaling-Up (4S): developing evidence-based policy recommendations in India and Nepal

Since 2016, a research consortium comprising Eawag, the Nepal-based NGO ENPHO, BORDA, IIT Madras and CDD Society has been assessing more than 300 sanitation systems as part of the 4S project
26 July 2018

Strengthening the operation & maintenance sector for servicing decentralised urban sanitation infrastructure in Karnataka, India

Increasing access to safe basic sanitation facilities by strengthening the enabling environment for cities and companies 
26 July 2018

Collaboration is everything: high-altitude faecal sludge management (FSM) in Leh, India

In the Himalayan district of Ladakh, the city of Leh has the world’s highest faecal sludge treatment plant (FSTP), designed at 12,000 ft and operated in a public-private partnership

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