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Improved Biogas Unit 1991
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Improved Biogas Unit for Developing Countries, 1991
Ludwig Sasse, Christopher Kellner, Ainea Kimaro
84 pages [1136 kb]

Biogas Plants
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Biogas Plants, Ludwig Sasse, 1988
66 pages [1028 kb]


Biogas Forum Overview 

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Currently, Vol. No. 75-77 are available for download.
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Biogas Forum Vol 77

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Biogas Forum Vol 77

Edition II 1999


1. The Readers Survey

2. Evaluation of Biomethanation Potential of

Selected Industrial Organic Effluents in India

3. Biogas Users Survey 1998/99 in Nepal

4. Remarks on Control Parameters for DEWATS

5. Community vs the Engineer

pdf file (300 kb)

Biogas Forum Vol 76     

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Biogas Forum Vol. 76

Edition I 1999

English, partly Spanish


1. Pequeñas Plantas de Tratamiento de Aguas
Residuales Domesticas (Aplicacion en Paises Andinos)
Basadas en el Reactor Anaerobio a Piston RAP-100(CH).
Experencias a Escala Real

2. Possibilities of Increasing Biogas Production by using
Different Mixtures of Animal Wastes

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Biogas Forum Vol 75 

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Biogas Forum Vol 75

Edition IV 1998


1. Aid for Engineers of Decentralised Treatment Plants

2. Biogas Qualtity Control Visit on After Sales Service

pdf file (160 kb)